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Custom menswear and I have had a nice marriage over the past several years…

They say once you go custom you don’t go back.   I say it’s true.

About three years I began getting my dress shirts tailor made (via a Boston custom clothier) and I haven’t looked back since.  The ability to choose from ten different collar options, nine different cuff options, pocket vs. no pocket, and thousands of fabrics is beyond unique.  However, the best part of going down the custom avenue is FIT – that ever so important three-letter F word.  I was tired of  buying off-the-rack (OTR) dress shirts and having them sort of fit in the sleeve and neck (I’m a 16.125″ neck, good luck finding that dimension in a store) only to balloon out around the waist and become un-tucked every time I stood up.  Custom alleviates all these problems.

Custom is the best way to separate yourself from those who buy OTR.  A lot of guys think custom is super expensive…in reality it’s only a few dollars more than OTR and is one of the smartest wardrobe investments you will ever make.

I’m proud to have partnered with that local custom clothier to offer my clients custom dress shirts, blazers, and suiting (including tuxedos).

How does it work?  You contact me at and we book you an appointment at the studio in Boston, get you measured, I help you style it as we navigate through all the different fabrics and style options based on what your current needs are, and 2-6 weeks later is the second fitting at which time any necessary alterations are made.  Not local to Boston?  Not a problem; we can get you measured virtually as well.  Once you’re custom piece is complete you’ll be amazed by all the compliments you’ll start receiving.  I constantly have clients telling me how many looks they receive on the streets and how much more attention they receive, both at the workplace and in the bedroom.  ; )

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “I don’t wear dress shirts, blazers, or suits enough to justify the purchase.”  To that I say this; stand out in all the right ways.   Do you want that promotion?  Do you want that guy or girl to be attracted to you?  Do you like receiving compliments from random strangers?  You’ll get more use out of a custom suit (starting at $500) than you could ever imagine.  Wear it with a tie, without a tie, leave the jacket at home, wear the jacket with a pair of jeans out to dinner on a Saturday night, wear it to a funeral, wear it to a wedding, wear it to a job interview, wear it because you just want to look your very best.

Get Dressed today and start feeling fantastic.

-Chris –

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