Closet Rehab

Take a look inside your closet. Chances are it needs an intervention.

Closet Rehab by Christopher Cuozzo is an exclusive service designed for gentlemen to streamline their wardrobe and simplify life’s style.

For many men, a closet often becomes nothing more than a storage unit, packed with so many clothes it becomes impossible to differentiate the good from the bad. One of our Fashion Consiglieres will come to your home and expedite the process toward leading an easy, fashionable life without any excess baggage. We start by assessing your closet and eliminating any clothes, shoes, or accessories that are out of style, unflattering, or never worn. After trimming the fat, our Consigliere will assist you on a shopping trip, either online (from the convenience of your home) or at a shopping precinct, to select more of the items that define who you are, leaving your Hawaiian shirts, pleated pants, and mandals far behind. From shirts to pants and shoes to belts, together we will ensure that you get the look you require. Long gone will be the days of fretting over what to wear to the office, dinner parties, and special occasions alike. Your wardrobe should be an extension of yourself without distraction or complication.

We will help you get Dressed for today’s lifestyle and allow the real you to shine through.

Closet Rehab begins with a FREE phone consultation to get you comfortable with our process. From there our services are offered at an easy, affordable hourly rate for as long or as little as you desire.

Fashion Consiglieres

We promise to free you from unnecessary complication.

We are making this world a better place to live, one closet at a time.

Help us help you and contact us today!


The Consult – $250

Stage 1 – let us help you.

  • This is the first step to building a more confident you.
  • One of our experienced style consiglieres will come to your home and take an assessment of your closet.
  • They will determine A) what needs to go, B) what can stay, C) what needs tailoring, and D) what’s missing.
  • From socks to hats and sweatpants to suits, we possess the knowledge and passion to assist you in accomplishing your wardrobe goals.
  • We organize what you have in order to streamline your options; this includes painstaking attention to detail such as hanger recommendations, tie, belt, and pocket square organizers and what garments go where.

The Tailor – $150

Stage 2 – taking what you already have, and altering it so that it fits properly.

  • You know those garments in the back of your closet that collect dust from never wearing them? Well with some proper styling and tailoring, those can become good as new for a fraction of the cost of buying new garments.
  • We will accompany you on a trip to one of our partner tailors and instruct the tailor on how to alter your existing and/or newly purchased garments to achieve the new look you’re going for.
  • Thru the years, we’ve built strong relationships with tailors across the nation; this helps us get you preferred pricing and quality workmanship.

The Excursion – $300 initially, $200 thereafter

Stage 3 – this is when we go hunting, also known as the fun part.

  • After discussing your budget, we will hunt down exactly what you need.
  • We’ll determine what colors look best on you and most importantly what flatters your physique.
  • Regardless of your lifestyle’s dress code, we can assist in finding the perfect jeans, shoes, blazer, shirts, suit, topcoats, sweatpants (seriously) and more.
  • Whether it’s online, a department store, or a boutique; we know where to go for virtually anything you want or need – from grooming products to watches to accessories to luggage to custom suits.
  • We love introducing you to brands you’ve never even heard of and opening up your eyes to garments you used to never even consider
  • We study trends but also believe in the notion that classic always wins. So if it’s a unique pair of swim trunks or shoes you’re looking for or a classic well fitting custom made navy blue suit; we know just where to go, regardless of your budget.

The Lookbook – $400

Stage 4 – This is where we pull it all together and take you from an 8 to a 10.

  • Welcome to the Next Level.
  • It’s one thing to have all these new garments, but knowing how to assemble an outfit is a whole other ballgame.
  • We want to educate you on how to take one garment and wear it three different ways.  For example, how to wear those new shoes with jeans, a suit, and trousers.
  • We bring a mannequin to your home and put together numerous looks and then photograph those get-ups.
  • We then create an electronic or physical photo album that is custom organized by look according to your lifestyle. Examples include – “business casual “,” business formal, “black tie”, “weekend”, “dinner”, “Sunday brunch” and more.
  • This creates a foolproof way to look your best every single time you leave the house, or stay at home in your new custom bathrobe and velvet slippers.

The Rehab – $995

Also known as “The Works”

  • This includes “The Consult”, “The Tailor”, “The Excursion”, and “The Lookbook”
  • Purchase of The Rehab entitles you to $10 off the monthly Retainer fee

The Retainer – $50/month

Lock us in on speed dial.

  • This is your membership to always looking your best.
  • With the Retainer, you’re able to text/email/call one of our style consiglieres with a guaranteed reply.
  • Have a holiday party, a hot date, or important business meeting coming up and don’t know exactly what to wear? Simply send us a note and/or a photo and we’ll reply with style advice.
  • If you’re out shopping and are wondering if this will go well with the suit we got you; shoot us a photo and we’ll give it the quick yay or nay.
  • In addition, you’ll receive a monthly newsletter/trend report, with what’s new on the market including hyperlinks on how to easily acquire those products

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The Referral

Our way of saying thank you.

  • Refer a friend or colleague to us and we’ll give him $50 off his first purchase and $50 of credit to your pocket.

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