Dressed for the Holidays.

The night before Thanksgiving…a high school football game…carving of the turkey….Black Friday…putting up the Christmas decor…class reunion…Cyber Monday…holiday parties…work parties…yankee swaps…a trip to Chicago to see the Patriots play the Bears…a pajama party…a Monday night shopping outing with the father and the godfather…post work beers (just because it’s the holiday season)…Christmas Eve with the in-laws…Christmas…returns/exhanges to the mall…a New Year’s Eve wedding…

The above entails my next 6 weeks and I couldn’t be more excited.

One big question enters my mind….what am I going to wear?

So many happenings, so little time.  I despise the mall.  I love to shop online.  Shopping online is rewarding in and of itself.  I enjoy the anticipation of a package arriving at the door.  Just for reading this blog – enjoy promo code “FFF” for free shipping (no minimum purchase) until 12/31/10 at http://www.dressedbycc.com

This holiday season, I’m going to give my two cents to the Salvation Army and to you. 

1. Tuck your shirt in.  It’s a much cleaner look.  Feeling a little overweight and think that leaving your shirt un-tucked will make you look thinner?  Sorry sir, you’re wrong.  Instead, opt to tuck your shirt in and throw a sweater or a cardigan over it or a proper fitting blazer.  Just make sure the blazer has 1 or 2 buttons (not 3 or 4) and is the proper length and the sleeves are not too long – making it look like you borrowed it from your father.

2. Don’t be afraid of a necktie this holiday season.  The holidays come once a year.  There’s no shame in honoring them with a tie.  Make sure it’s a narrow tie, not a skinny tie, a narrow tie.  By narrow, I mean it should be 2.5 – 3″ wide at the widest point.  Gone are the days of 3.5″ wide ties.  Less is more.   I recently took six of my 3.5″ wide ties to my local seamstress and had her dial them in to 2.75″ wide at the widest point.  Two friends introduced me to http://www.thetiebar.com  and http://www.tiecrafters.com 

3. Red and green are great.  You’re going to see those colors everywhere in December, for years to come too.  Step a little outside of the box and reach for navy and/or gold.  For example, a navy suit with a gold necktie and a white oxford.  Or a navy blazer with gold buttons and a gold pocket square.

4. Wrap it up and tie the look together with a scarf.  It’s my favorite part of living in New England and experiencing all four seasons. Scarves aren’t just for women either.  They make a great gift or keep it for yourself.  Best part…..you can share it with your spouse!

5.  For more casual cool weather affairs, we’re offering The Menley.  It’s a great layering piece…under a sweater, under a blazer, or by itself.  It gives warmth without the bulk, again, less is more.

Have a safe and sound holiday season.  A wise man once told me, the man makes the clothes, the clothes don’t make the man.  Go for the gold and stay Dressed.

All the best,




3 thoughts to “Dressed for the Holidays.”

  1. Cuozzo… great blog entry bro! I agree, people reach for the standard red and green… don’t follow the crowd… be a trailblazer and introduce your own flavor to the party. Personally, I like to dress simple with “loose layers”. By that, I mean instead of wearing a plain undershirt underneath a crew neck sweater from the Nordstrom Rack sales rack… wear a more revealing top layer, over a colorful and complimentary bottom layer (i.e. I love to roll with a bright red Menley underneath a navy cardigan – it gives you a couple options, either keep the cardigan open, or button some of the buttons… but either way, your undershirt makes as much of a fashion presence as your overshirt. Listen to Cuozzo… he’ll keep you Dressed!

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