Elbowed by CC

Why take a knee this Fall when you can take an elbow?

A few years back I started sewing leather and suede elbow patches onto my existing sweater collection.  Not because the elbows were wearing thin from wear, but simply to differentiate store bought sweaters from what others were wearing.    This Fall/Winter I am sewing elbow patches onto all my cardigans and sweaters.  It’s a great way to stand out and get noticed, without being the loudest person in the room.   Also, if you trip on a twig this Fall, you’ll have some extra padding so you don’t hurt your funny bone. Choose any of the cardigans or sweaters on our site and then pick from any of the 40 fabrics and we’ll sew them onto the elbows for you.  The cost for this service is an additional $25.00, “but wait…there’s more” (I stole that from the infomercials that I get glued to late at night), buy any cardigan and reference this blog in the comment box at checkout and receive free elbow patches of your choice, offer ends Sunday 9/18/11 at Midnight EST.

Thanks for reading.

Stay Dressed.


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