Get Dressed…first things first.

Wearing my Nike Footies with my Clarks penny driving loafers...


Ever since I launched Dressed I’ve been asked repeatedly by customers, friends and family for fashion advice on anything from socks to shampoo, and personally, I am honored.

So I’ve decided to make this blog a neighborhood where gentlemen can come and get free fashion advice.  Like any advice, please feel free to take it or leave it. 

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to look good.  It’s knowing where to shop, what to spend, and most importantly – FIT.    Which are three of the main reasons I started Dressed.

These are just my opinions and while I am far from perfect, I do know a thing or two about fashion.

Let’s start from the bottom and begin with socks.

I’m not a believer in wearing socks.  I never wore them playing hockey, maybe that’s why.  However, I have come to realize that sweaty feet and leather loafers don’t mix well together and can ruin any pair of good shoes.  So I set out on a journey to find the perfect pair of “no show” socks.  While many companies claim their socks are no show they are really a no go.  I then found some pairs that worked in the morning but by the lunch hour the heel of the sock crept down to my toes. 

Sneaker shopping with my wife one day, I stumbled across a pair of Nike Women’s Cotton Footie socks.  They looked like ballerina slippers.  They’re thin yet superior quality – that you’ve come to expect from Nike.  Sure they were women’s but I really don’t care.  Plus, they’re white, not purple with pink polka dots.  Furthermore, they’re true no show socks and nobody is going to see them anyways, after all – that’s the whole point.  I wear them on the daily.  Whether I am wearing my Sperry Top-Siders or Creative Recreations, they get the job done and never slip off.  The elasticity is unparalleled.  Nike put the elastic across the entire top of the sock, not just around the heel and toe like some other industry sock leaders do.  Check out the Nike socks here:

Now there are events that do call for socks.  Such as business meetings or weddings.  Always, always, always make sure your socks match your shoes.  For example, black dress shoes call for black dress socks, not black tube socks with the Nike swoosh on the side, save those for the basketball court or better yet use them to polish your shoes.  When wearing brown shoes, try to match the hue of the brown shoe to the hue of the sock.  When socks are needed I opt for over the calf socks so that they stay up and don’t fall down when I’m busting moves on the dance floor.  I usually reach for two types of dress socks. For dress shoes with dress slacks I go for a pair of socks without any pattern.  For wearing khakis or jeans with loafers I will slip into a pair of argyle socks.  Socks can differ on price, depending on what material they’re made out of.  Cashmere being the most luxurious and most expensive.

Here are some good quality over the calf dress socks:

For those looking to have some fun and add some color to the picture, you can’t go wrong with this site:

When wearing a tuxedo I go for tuxedo socks (shocker).  But make sure they aren’t $5 socks that are so thin and transparent that your leg hairs poke through them.  Check out some nice ones here:

When it’s time to get my fitness on, I typically go sockless.  I run in a pair of sneakers known as Zoot Sports because they’re lightweight, have a built in liner that allows for sockless wear without having to worry about odor or mildew or hot spots.  Check them out here:

Thanks for reading.

Check back in next week for my thoughts on the most comfortable and most versatile underwear ever made…..

 Please feel free to email any questions or comments – and we’ll get back to you the same day.


Dressed By Christopher Cuozzo

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  1. Two words: H&M peds. Seriously, they will change your life. Judging by the picture of the Nike peds you’re currently wearing, these will blow your mind! And at $5 for two pairs, how can you go wrong?!

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