Getting Dressed…the underlying.

Certain items in my wardrobe need to possess versatility.

By versatility I mean can be worn during many different occasions and activities.

While other items are reserved for special occasions like a bachelor party in Las Vegas or a weekend at Lake Waukewan.

There are certain things in life that I will splurge on and certain things that I will go generic on.

For example, underwear – I will only buy one brand and I am loyal to it.  Dish soap – I’ll take the store brand or whatever is on sale or whatever the wife buys (washing dishes isn’t my specialty and you won’t see me blogging about that anytime soon).


 Similar to my no show socks, once again I look to Nike to cover my private parts.

I’ve found Nike Men’s Pro Core Compression Shorts to be the best men’s underwear on the market. 

You may think that these aren’t underwear, they’re compression shorts….and you’re right.

However, whether I’m working out at the gym, throwing on my Pink Party Starter pants, or wearing a suit; these shorts get the job done and then some.

These shorts refuse to ride up my leg.  They just won’t do it.

They’re the perfect weight, not too thin and not too thick.  So whether you’re wearing loose fitting shorts or a fitted pair of jeans, this under garment will keep you and your game tight.

The length is ideal.  Not too short so they don’t climb up your leg and attack your groin like jock strap and not too long so they won’t be longer than your 9” inseam shorts.

At $25, they’re well worth the investment and will last for at least 2 years.

Make sure not to leave these behind after a one night stand.

I recommend donning a white pair if your shorts or pants are a little bit transparent. 

Check them out here –

 Grab them here and get 15% off and free 2 day shipping –


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  1. comMANdoooooooo!!!!!

    good rec though. i’ll give them a shot. that is, when i decide to wear underwear again. its full swim trunks only season.

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