Vested Interest

The 3-piece suit does not get the play it deserves.  It’s hands down one of the most versatile pieces a man can own.  Here’s why:

The 3 piece suit allows for 7 different looks:

1) All 3 – pants, vest, and jacket.  Ideal for a cold, Winter day.

2) 2 – pants and vest only.  Perfect when you’re getting down to business and still want to feel suited up (shirt and tie – cufflinks optional) or when it’s 80 degrees out and you want to leave the jacket behind.

3) 2 – vest and jacket.  Wear it with a pair of dark denim and a crisp white open collared shirt on a Saturday night.

4) 2 – pants and jacket.  Instant classic.

5) 1 – vest only.  Dark denim, pink shirt, with or without a tie.

6) 1 – jacket only.  If it’s a navy suit, wear it with a patterned dress shirt and a pair of grey wool trousers.

7) 1 – Pants only.  Wear it “business casually” with a shirt and separate blazer.  Tie optional.

So no matter where you’re shopping (I don’t recommend Joey A. Banks, even if they’re offering 19 free vests for the price of one and a free cell phone)  consider adding a 3 piece suit to your arsenal.  Make sure the vest fits snug – the way it’s supposed to.  You’ll thank me later on the compliments you receive.




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